Remember the Fallen - Commemorative Shirts

When we revamped our business from its origins of Circle 13 Clothing Company, we knew we wanted to add a component that would benefit the families of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Our Commemorative Shirts are made specifically for each fallen officer.  All proceeds from the sale of the shirt go to a pre-designated family member or account that is set up in their name by either the agency or other family members.

We do not make any profit from the sale of these shirts.

We charge a higher price for these shirts because this platform is used as a fund raiser.

How It Works

  • An agency, its representative, or a family member can contact us to do a shirt
  • We will need a photo of the fallen officer, badge number, EOW date, and something personal about the officer (a phrase, a nickname, etc.)
  • We will create a unique design for the shirt and send it back to our contact for approval
  • After approval, we will publish the shirt and share it on our social media sites.  We ask that agencies, family, and friends also share so that the shirt reaches a maximum number of people
  • The campaigns typically run for a two-week period unless a specific time frame is requested
  • Once the campaign is complete, we close sales
  • We calculate all the proceeds and make arrangements with our contact person or the agency to deliver the funds

Remember the Fallen